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our story

 At Denzilpatrick, we believe clothing is a language. It’s a beautiful story, and you tell that story best with confident design, made with great expertise and firm values. This is a celebration that speaks to others.


 We use our skills - honed from international design studios - to celebrate the local beauty of London, through family histories that inspire us to create bold new expressions in the language of menswear.


 Our design practice promotes a meaningful connection between designer, studio and wearer, creating clothes that communicate good craftmanship, imagination and beauty.  We make stand-out pieces- wearable, individualistic products made with respect and dignity.  Telling great stories, beautifully; sartorialism at its best.


 London belongs to me


Originally training in dance before moving into fashion, London-born Daniel Gayle has  over 15 years professional design experience, working in the studios of Victoria Beckham, Jonathan Saunders, Phillip Lim and Kenzo.

 At Denzilpatrick, Daniel works closely with the artistic direction of his husband, James Bosley. James brings a wealth of knowledge from clients such as Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton Menswear, as well as his current role as Senior Graphist at Christian Dior Menswear.