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At denzilpatrick, we feel the story of good fashion must start with a conscientious attitude to sustainability at its heart.


Our extensive work with international studios has highlighted the need to rethink how we design and manufacture our clothes in order to safely continue the practice for generations to come. Our experience gives us the expertise to do it.


Our practice is shaped around the creation of fashion with makers that are fairly paid and recognised for their input, and materials that are responsibly sourced. Our weavers, printers and embroiderers utilise sustainably sourced materials: RWS wool, GOTS cotton and recycled fibre. We also engage the use of surplus materials to create artisanal pieces that tell a vivid story of the re-use of virgin fibres.


Essential to this process is the production of memorable pieces that are bought for love and worn season after season. Our sales collection hones iconic, wearer-friendly silhouettes. Our direct-to-consumer operation is produced in small batches to avoid over production. Creating key pieces that sustain their own use. This is our story of great clothes